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More Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Items!!

The Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary celebration has kicked off many exclusives from Japan!
The latest in upcoming specials is the Final Fantasy VII potion in soda cans. Each soda can (or potion can…) depicts a different character.

Tarding Arts mini figures will come out a month later in November with more character art on the cans.

We will have both for sale at Rinkya, so look for updates on the blog!

Other Final Fantasy Exclusives, available for pre-order on YJ:

Final Fantasy PSP Anniversary Bundle
Final Fantasy Potion

YJ Links:
Final Fantasy

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Special Edition Batman Comics Shoes!

Ubiq Fatima has created Batman Sneakers inspired by the classic comic books.
The shoes come in two styles- black & white comic and color. The shoes run 16,800 Yen (approximately $155 USD)

The shoebox they come in is almost cooler than the shoes, heavily wrapped in the classic vintage comic book style.

Order your pair through Rinkya Stores! Via

Read about the Batman Anime Coming Soon

Batman Items on YJ

Bat Blog and HypeBeast

A Rinkya Blog’s New Feature Collector’s Corner!

Welcome to our First Edition of Rinkya’s Collector’s Corner!

Our first interview is Blythe Collector, April.
Blythe Dolls are popular items in Japan and are sought after by collectors around the world.

How long have you been collecting?

I started collecting about three years ago when my daughter was born.

How did you get started collecting Blythes?

I started out collecting dolls that I had played with as a child. I wanted to be able to show my daughter some of the toys of my childhood.
I actually owned a blonde Kenner blythe doll (the original Blythe) as a child.
They were only produced for one year in 1972.
When I went to buy one on the resale market I was shocked to learn that they were fetching upwards of $1000 USD.
I learned of the resurgence of the Blythe doll’s popularity after they began to be produced in Japan.
The story of Blythe’s “rebirth” in Japan is fascinating. I bought one just to see what they were like and fell in love.

What is the “dream” item for you?

Ha! ha! It changes all the time! First it was the vintage Kenner dolls…then the limited edition Japanese Blythes. Now I have a passion for customized dolls. The Japanese are doing amazing work – they are preeminent customizers. This is one of the reasons that Rinkya is an indispensable service for me. It gives me access to a critical market I wouldn’t otherwise have.

What is your favorite part of collecting Blythes?

Actually, you may find this surprising, but it is the creativity. Doll collectors are creative and talented people. They are painters, photographers and artists. Many sew all of their own outfits for their dolls. They create the most fantastic miniature worlds in minute detail. I learned photography so that I could share pictures of my dolls with other collectors. Now I have started customizing my own dolls now and I am really enjoying the creative process.

What is your favorite item you found thru Rinkya and why?

I have been a fan of the Japanese Blythe customizer known as Blastic.12 for a quite some time. He sells his beautiful creations on Yahoo Japan under the brand name Ragdoll Punch. I was lucky enough to recently acquire one of his custom dolls. She is a work of art and I am thrilled to have her!

Where can we see your treasures?

You can see many of the dolls in my collection on my flickr site at

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and good luck with
your collection!!

Thanks for talking with me. It has been fun!

Check out the listings of Blythes on YJ!

Do you have a collection you want showcased on our blog?
Email us!

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30 Years Later- Star Wars Technology Hits Japan!

If anyone can make the technology and gadgets in Star Wars possible- it is Japan. And they have broken ground recently with tiny 3d image displays.

Hitachi has created a lightweight 3D display with hopes to include it in mobile phone technology.

The technology uses rapid spinning mirrors to create the image and place it in midair.

Other future prospects for the 3D image are architectural and engineering designs.

Star War Toys on YJ!

Via 3Yen News

Pizza Hut Creates Japan’s Favorite Pizza!

Pizza Hut Japan recently ran a survey on favorite toppings in Japan.

The number one winner was Mentaiko & Potato- Mentaiko is roe (fish eggs) from the white fish, pollock.
The second favorite topping is Ebi Chilli (Shrimp and Chili)

To celebrate these favorite toppings of Japan, Pizza Hut will release the “Super Grand Prix 2007” in September.

Half the pizza will be Mentaiko, the other half Ebi Chilli.

Since these are the favorites in Japan, maybe the pizza will be very popular, but the two toppings on one pizza?

We will call Pizza Hut when orders begin and let you know how it goes!


Don’t forget to Submit your Entry to our Japan’s Weird Food Contest!

Check out Pizza Hut’s Double Roll review here!

Enter Rinkya’s Japan Weird Food Contest!!

We have not had a blog contest since the Weirdest Hello Kitty Item way back in December 2006!
So, we decided that it is about time to have another one!

If you have read our blog before (which you should, it is really good!), you realize that Japan has a wackiness when it comes to food items.

From Pepsi Cucumber Ice, to maple syrup on Pizza, to Pineapple Kit Kats.
Some of these items are delicious, some do not quite make the cut.

Please submit your weirdest food/drink item from Japan and the winner will receive a package of the various Kit Kat flavors from Japan!
We are looking for the most unique find!
Please include a picture and/or link of the item. We will take entries until September 20th!

Please submit to

If you do not win, you can order any Kit Kat flavor from Rinkya for $2.00 here!

Please do not submit any food or drink items discussed on the blog, but please read about them here:

Kit Kat Flavors From Japan
Double Roll Pizza from Pizza Hut Japan
McDonald’s Mega Mac
Square Watermelon
McDonald’s Mega Teriyaki
Pepsi Ice Cucumber
Bilk- Beer & Milk!
Deer Poop Candy

For countries that cannot receive the items, an alternate prize will be given.

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Cute Cell Phone Straps Direct From Japan!

Visit Rinkya’s new affiliate, Applaudir for cell phone straps direct from Japan!

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Kewpies dressed as frogs, penguins, seals and more!

Minnie Mouse!

Gold unko for luck!

Cookie monster and Elmo phone straps, make music when you open and close!

Many more characters and items are available!

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