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Attack of the 59 Foot Gundam!

Move over Godzilla your match may have been met. This 59 foot tall Gundam is a life size version of the popular Japanese Anime Robot.

The pictures were released now since the official website for Gundam Crisis is now open.

The Gundam Crisis attraction will open at Fuji-Q Highland, located at the foot of Mt Fuji.

Visitors to the park will be given mission objectives, only ones who clear the mission can enter Gundam’s cockpit.

I see why Japan drafted laws for Robots, this is one scary, cool looking robot!

Get some smaller sized Gundams on YJ:


New PSP for Japan- Slimmer and More Colors!

The new PlayStation Portable will hit Japan in September. The newly designed PSP will be slimmer & lighter, have a faster loading time, longer battery life and come in 6 new colors.

Colors available will be: Piano Black, Ice Silver, Ceramic White, Rose Pink, Felicia Blue and Lavender Purple.

The price will be 19800 yen.

Japan also has a GOLD PSP and Nintendo DS lite colors and Pokemon Nintendo DS that we here in the US do not get either!

The colors unique to Japan are popular imports, so try to get yours on YJ:
Playstation Portable
Nintendo DS Lite

Pizza Hut Japan Creates Mega Pizza- Toppings Galore!

NEW- Check out our Staff REVIEW of the pizza here!

Japan must be annoyed by that pesky little rumor that they are all thin.

Mega Macs, Mega Terayaki’s from McDonald’s are popular sellers- And now a pizza that probably weighs 30 pounds from Pizza Hut, or maybe that is what you gain from eating it.

Have a hankering for a hamburger? Order the pizza! Hot dogs? Order this pizza!

The crust are what we call pigs in a blanket- hot dogs AND bacon wrapped in the “Double Roll”

The other half is the “Gourmet Half” and has cheese rolls, Italian sausage, ham, bacon, bacon bits, sliced tomato, mushroom, onion, peppers, garlic chips, basil, black pepper and tomato sauce.

Also can be flavored with maple syrup and ketchup- um, yumm.

Pizza can be ordered for $20, $30 USD.

Unlike McDonald’s, the calorie information on this sucker was difficult to find, a normal Pizza Gourmet is 1873 calories, so we will see if anything can be found later, then again maybe no one wants to know!

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Via Plastic Bamboo

OLIVIA Pacific Media Expo Auction!

**UPDATE- The auction is delayed and we will update as soon as we get a new date!!**

Win the guitar featured in OLIVIA’s “Into the Stars” PV!!

Auction proceeds benefit aspiring Asian and Asian-American artists.

OLIVIA and her band will be making their first US appearance at PMX over Veteran’s Day weekend in Los Angeles.

Pacific Media Expo is the premiere convention for Asian anime, cinema, fashion and music.

The auction for the one of the kind item begins July 20th on Yahoo Japan Auctions, you may place bids through Rinkya!

For more information about the guitar and PMX, please visit the webpage here

Bid on OLIVIA items on YJ

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party Website Opens!

Dance Dance Revolution’s newest release is for Nintendo Wii and for the first time, players will use both their hands and feet to play.

Using both the Wii controller and Nunchuk accessory as well as a pad for your feet, the dizzying combos will test your skill with the ultimate DDR Hottest Party.

The new website has many blurbs about the game from renowned Konami experts. Some loveable Engrish is included: “This Game Is Killing It”

Get some DDR on YJ:

Nintendo Wii
Dance Dance Revolution
Popn’ Music

Via Kotaku

Official Website

Nintendo Wii Accessories Exclusively From Japan!

The Nintendo Wii gun attachment (Gun Hazard):

Can be used with any game, but created with BioHazard in mind (Resident Evil)
Available here

Nintendo Bat Shaped Attachment:

Basically turns controller into almost a standard controller.

Available Here

Fun Decals in Different colors and designs:

Available Here

This train controller is for the Wii epic train simulator game and Denshi GoGo Games, very cool.

Available Here

Purchase any accessory through Rinkya Stores– Your Japan online store resource!

Nintendo Wii on YJ

Want a Kit Kat?

Kit Kats in Japan are very different from the States and come in a variety of flavors. Inspired by the post at Inventor Spot, Rinkya has Kit Kats for sale now!

Rinkya has- Orange, Kiwi, Green Tea, Melon (limited edition) currently available- add them to your Rinkya shipment for $2.00 each.

For more flavors, read Inventor Spot and request your favorite flavors from Rinkya, by emailing us at:

Hello Kitty DogHouse!

In more Hello Kitty strange items, the cat is now featured on a luxury DOG house.
The doghouse runs 3.9 million yen ($30,000 plus USD) and the cushion has Hello Kitty’s face on it designed with 7600 crystal beads.

Only one “lucky” dog will have the one of a kind item.

Fancy dog accommodations, clothing and accessories are particularly popular in Japan- with a multitude of luxury items available for pets.

Check out YJ for more:

Large Dogs

Look for More Hello Kitty Items Here:
Hello Kitty On YJ