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This Week in Hello Kitty Items- More Wacky and Fun Items!

It has been awhile since I have done a Hello Kitty post (skipped the month of May!), the last being the infamous banana holder, so I decided to check Google for the latest offerings and have found some goodies.

Hello Kitty Barbie– two beloved icons join together to create a Barbie dressed in Hello Kitty clad clothing.
Barbie’s jacket, belt, bag and necklace are adorned with Hello Kitty.
Hits stores in September. Via

Hello Kitty Fat Monitor– Well I guess if you have to be told you weigh too much, a cute little Kitty from Japan is the way to do it.
The Hello Kitty body fat meter gives you your weight and body fat percentage.
The scale states An Apple a Day…
Available from Tanita Japan

Hello Kitty Laptop– This bright pink laptop is covered in Swarovski crystals. Available only in Japan for approximately $1650 USD. NEC hopes to attract women buyers with the pink crystal laptop. Via
Purchase this one of a kind item through Rinkya Stores

Hello Kitty Items on YJ

Pepsi Ice Cucumber Soda- Only In Japan! UPDATED WITH ORDER INFO

** Now you can add a Pepsi Ice Cucumber to your Rinkya shipment! Add a bottle here for $3, shipping costs vary! (500 grams shipping weight) **

Not only does Japan receive exclusive merchandise from fashion, movies, and videogames – they also receive exclusive and limited new flavors of soda.

Releasing June 12th is a new Pepsi Flavor- Ice Cucumber only for a limited time.

Japan has a history of interesting beverages, including Beer-Milk- Bilk!


New Summer Fashion Catalogs- Bape on BuyRinkya!

Japan’s hottest fashion summer catalogs and the bonuses included with them are now on BuyRinkya.

Bape’s catalog comes with an exclusive BAPE mini back pack and sticker sheet.

Cool Trance and Smart both come with bonuses from fashion house Supreme- socks and tote bag.

Pick up here today, prices include international shipping to you!

Pick up some of your favorite designers on YJ:
BAPE (Bathing Ape)

X Japan Reunites!!

After a ten year absence, X Japan reunites for a new single and tour, planned for the end of 2007.
The J Rock band has decided to reunite after the founder and vocalist did the song “Without You”, a tribute to the late guitarist Hide.
The collaboration worked so well, they decided to release the single and go on tour.

More recently Yoshiki of X JAPAN was involved in the J ROCK Revolution festival, a 2 day festival in the US featuring J ROCK Artists.
Read our blog post HERE for more info.

Find Them on YJ!


Japan Creepy Baby Robot!

Japan has developed a robot that mimics the actions of a baby of 1-2 years of age.
The robot was designed to study child development.
The name is CB2, and scientists hope with time, the robot will age to a mental age of 3.

The study should be interesting but this robot gives me the chills, it is the creepiest looking thing and it stands at 4 feet tell, hardly a baby.
I would have nightmares it was coming to get me if I worked at the lab.


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