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Calling All Directors for Nintendo Movie!!

Nintendo announces- Nintendo Shortcuts- a contest that gives you 10K for the best Nintendo- themed movie!

The movie only has to be 3-5 minutes long and can be any Nintendo Theme- GameCube, Wii, Mario Brothers, Pokemon, DS Lite, etc etc…

Winning movie will show at Tribeca Film Festival in New York City- many more prizes detailed on link below, including tons of gaming equipment!

Lack of Inspiration?
Check out YJ for the rare Nintendo Items- Yoshi yo-yos, Pokemon pillows, Mario & Luigi pez holders and much more!

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo ALL
Mario Brothers

Contest Guidelines

Via CrunchGear

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2!

CoroCoro, a Japanese gaming magazine, has revealed the newest Pokémon Game- Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2.
Two versions of the game will be released- a Time Exploration Team & Darkness Exploration Team.

The Japan release is expected in the fall.

Murmurings of the release started way back in March but this is the first actual news development containing screenshots and information!


Pokémon On YJ– games, collectibles, posters, movies and more!

Security in Japan- Infrared UnderWear!

Tired of people looking through your clothing?
Inhibiting your basketball game? Looking over your shoulder?

The athletic company, Cramer, has put a stop to that with infrared blocking underwear. The underwear prevents any see through images of women athletes, a growing problem with the use of infrared based photography used at sporting events.

As our post below indicates maybe this can be used for Engrish clothing as well- so no one stalks you to get a picture!

Search for Fashion Choices on YJ:


Engrish Strikes On A Japanese Woman’s Dress! (and not in a good spot)

I am not sure what this could mean.

Stop looking at my butt and open your mind to other things?

A way to a woman’s mind is through a key to her butt?

Any suggestions?

I am not sure what is scarier though- the dress or that my coworker stalked the poor woman to take a pic?

Check out some Engrish found on Elmo HERE

Have an engrish photo you would like to share?
Send it in and we will post it (with your name of course)!

More Studio Ghibli News!

Ghibli Channel is an online streaming video show that will include cast interviews, previews on new movies and any Ghibli information the fans will find of interest.

Unfortunately, the viewing of these videos is limited to Japan residents, other IPs are blocked. The good news is Ghibli World (the premier online Ghibli resource webpage) has been granted access and is showing the videos on the website.

The current videos include: an interview with Ghibli Museum director Nakajima Kiyofumi, a report about Studio Ghibli at the Tokyo Anime Fair 2007, Ou to Tori trailer and Haru no Mezame trailer. (from site)

Ou to Tori is “Le Roi et L’Oiseau”, an animated film from France by Paul Grimault and Haru no Mezame is Russian Director Aleksandr Petrov’s, “The Old Man And The Sea”.

We can hardly wait to see a trailer of Miyazaki’s newest film- Ponyo On a Cliff to make an appearance- hopefully soon!!

Please visit Ghibli World for the video and more info!

Please visit YJ for your Favorite Studio Ghibli Items:

Studio Ghibli

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Security for your Computer- Japanese Style!

The mouse above scans your iris and then you can login to your computer.
Hold the mouse up to eye and the mouse compares the iris to the original iris information stored.

According to the website the recognition takes seconds and is no time nuisance at all. The mouse costs 37,800 yen.

Seems rather excessive for normal home computers, I would rather have one on my USB stick, perhaps that makes me paranoid?

Read more here
Thanks Plastic Bamboo for the tip!

Spiderman 3 Exclusive Japan Collectibles Available Now!

Spiderman 3, the most expensive movie ever made- smashed box office records for most earned opening weekend, the title once held by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

In Japan alone, the film brought in 3.5 million on its’ first day of release.

SpiderMan 3 has one of the largest merchandising campaigns- figures, posters, even its’ own Ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins.

Toy store Blister Shibuya of Japan held an event May 5th in commemoration of the release of SpiderMan dedicating an entire floor to Spidey merchandise.

Of course- for the event they released exclusive figures ONLY available in Japan.

The exclusives have already made appearances on YJ, pick up some today through Rinkya
SpiderMan 3 On YJ

Stay tuned to our blog for ALL the summer blockbusters and their exclusive merchandise ONLY from Japan- Buy Direct through Rinkya!

Happy Children’s Day!

May 5th is the celebration of children in Japan. Originally the holiday was known as Boy’s Day (Tango no Sekku) but today it is considered a celebration of all children and known as Children’s Day (Kodoomo no hi).
It is one of the holidays of Golden Week- a week with a number of holidays and festivals in Japan where many travel and relax.

Girl’s Day discussed here is a separate holiday falling on March 3rd. Since the Girl’s have their own holiday, many still practice Children’s Day with the original traditions from Boy’s Day.

Families go outside and fly huge carp-shaped streamers (koinobori pictured above)
and also set out warrior dolls, ornaments and weapons to symbolize the past Japanese heroes– many boys dress up in these outfits as well.

The warrior dolls from the past are now precious antiques- showcasing the art and design of the different periods.

Find your own Warrior doll on YJ:

Or purchase the Darth Vader Samurai outfit HERE released May 5th in celebration of Boy’s Day.

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