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Nintendo DS Lite New Colors- Japan Only (of course…)

Nintendo Japan announces two new colors to the DS lite Lineup- Metallic Rose and Gloss Silver.

No idea if they will hit the US, the pretty color Ice Blue (my personal fav) never reached our shores.

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A New Star Wars?? (*fingers crossed*) UPDATED

George Lucas plans to make a huge announcement today- and many are thinking (or hoping) the director will announce a new Star Wars film.

Star Wars celebrates 30 years this week and many fans are adorning their Storm Trooper, Darth Vader and Princess Leia outfits to the theaters re-playing the much loved series that spans 30 years and many generations of fans.

Star Wars on our Blog:
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Star Wars on YJ

**Updated- Looks like no new Star Wars planned and it was just another web rumor, sigh. **


The Doggie Manicure Cleaning Set from Japan!

Move over Paris Hilton and her designer hairdos and pedicures for her pups.

Japan has its’ own personal foot washer to get those paws clean and shiny- no beauty shop visit needed.

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Harry Potter Movie Will Make Its’ Premiere in Japan!

To this blogger’s disappointment but to Japan’s excitement- the newest Harry Potter slated for summer release will make its’ world debut in Japan on June 28th.

The US premiere will not open until July 8th, opening in UK July 3rd (JK Rowling’s home!)

Japan is not a typical choice for a world premiere, however Spiderman 3 just did it (read about it here), so perhaps they are trying to repeat the success of Spidey’s opening (the largest gross in all time- but watch out Pirates 3 hits theaters this weekend!)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the fifth book in the series put to film.
The final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows debuts this summer on July 21st.

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Japanese Designers & Rolling Stones Collaborate!

The 2006 collaboration of the Rolling Stones and 13 Japanese artists was so successful, the company Buddy Z has enlisted 12 more artists for the 2007 Rolling Stones Design collection.

Each designer creates t-shirts and trucker hats illustrating the Rolling Stones.

Check out the design page for all the looks and order anyone you wish through Rinkya Stores!

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Ms. Butterworth’s Meets Darth Vader

Pictured above is the world’s first robot designed to discuss and present vinegar.
Yes, you read correctly, it says “vinegar”.

Tamanoi Vinegar Corporation begins using the 6 foot, 220 pound robot in July.
No wonder Japan felt the need to draft laws on robots.

He looks scary to me, maybe he is pissed he has to talk about vinegar and that they put him in a skirt.
He does not have a light saber but he does have a pointer, so do not mess with him!

Watch videos of the robot here

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Exclusive Transformers Toy with Advance Movie Ticket in Japan!

An exclusive Bumblebee toy will be given away with advance tickets to see the Transformers in Japan!

Item will be a deluxe 1974 metallic painted Camaro mold.

Expect the exclusive toy to hit YJ in numbers!
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Going to the movies in Japan is a unique, pricey experience.
Japan releases exclusive goods for nearly every popular movie- sold only at the theaters! Many savvy sellers place them on YJ after purchasing!

Transformers on YJ

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Website Open!

The Japanese website for Pokémon’s newest game is open here

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon part 2 is a much anticipated follow up to the success of the first Mystery Dungeon!

Visit the website for more information, characters and first looks at the upcoming release! Everything is in Japanese but use your favorite translator to read up!

Pokémon On YJ– games, collectibles, posters, movies and more!

Bikini-Clad Golf Tees from Japan! **UPDATED**

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Japan loves golf, if you discuss sports in Japan, it inevitably leads to discussing golf. Another popular discussion is bikini-clad women. So basically Japan is not much different from the rest of the world.

A combination of these two loves are brought together with this golf tee direct from Japan!

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