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Calling All Artists for Tokyo Anime Fair!

Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 is calling all artists from around the world to design next year’s Fair Mascot.

There are no age or nationality restrictions, so anyone from 9 years old to living in Australia can participate.

The chosen winner receives 200,000 yen and for any foreign winners, they will be paid the amount using the exchange rate of winning day.

The period for accepting entries begins May 1st and must be received by June 29th.

Good Luck to all participants!

Images above are the mascots from 2005-2007!

For complete rules please click here (Page in Japanese)


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Ms. Pac-Man Joins the Ipod Video Game LineUp!

The ultimate video game heroine- Ms. Pac-Man celebrates her 25th anniversary by joining the line up of video games available on your Ipod!!!

Ms. Pac-Man joins other popular video games already on the Ipod- her counterpart Pac-Man, Tetris, Bejewled and much more.

Japan has many rare Pac-Man collectibles, consoles and much more!

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J-Rock Revolution Festival!

The first multi-artist JRock music festival to come to the US will launch May 25th in LA!

Yoshiki, of superstar fame X JAPAN, created the Japanese Rock Festival, as another way to bring new ears to JROCK and spreading the music all over the world.

Tickets go on sale April 21st through TicketMaster.

Check the festival MySpace HERE

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Funeral Held for Fist of the North Star Character Raoh

An actual Buddhist funeral took place for the fictional anime character Raoh yesterday in Tokyo’s Shingon Koyasan Tokyo Betsui.
3000 plus fans attended the event.
Raoh’s voice actor, Takashi Ukaji performed the eulogy.

The funeral comes ten days before the release of the new movie: Fist of the North Star The Legend of Raoh: Fierce Fighting Arc (Hokuto no Ken – Raoh Gaiden Gekitô-he) where Kenshiro confronts Raoh.

Watch the Trailer here

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A Hello Kitty Car…

I am kind of shocked Japan only made one of these!

The car is COMPLETELY pink, decorated with ribbon logos & Hello Kitty graphics and the headrests are shaped like Hello Kitty’s head.

The car sold for approximately 18,000 USD and a portion of proceeds went to UNICEF.

Mitsubishi is the creator of this masterpiece or eyesore depending upon which side you err on.

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Go Speed Racer!!

Christina Ricci is the latest star to sign on to the big screen adaption of Speed Racer. She will play the heroine Trixie- girlfriend to Speed Racer.

John Goodman, Susan Sarandon and Emile Hirsch are the other stars committed to the adaptation.
Speed Racer is from the original Japan anime series, Mach Go Go Go.
The movie has a release date of May 9, 2008.

Mach Go Go


Japan Drafts Laws to Prevent A Robot World Domination and Take Over!

To be more exact, Japan has proposed a: “Draft Guidelines to Secure the Safe Performance of Next Generation Robots” (I still think Preventing Robot Domination and World Take Over is more interesting!)

The draft consists of measure to record any injury towards humans and to make this information readily available.

With Japan’s large elderly population and decreasing younger population, robot reliance for everyday activities are predicted to be increased in the coming years and robots to become a more integrated part of daily life.

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