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The Great Shisas of Japan!

Shisas, also known as Seasers, are protectors and guardians used in Japan to ward off evil and ensure good luck.

Godzilla fans may remember the King Shisa monster from Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla, awakened in Okinawa to help Godzilla defeat Mechagodzilla!

Shisas look like a cross between a lion and a dog and while they are meant to be strong guardians, many are adorable figures!

Seen above are just some of the varieties that can be found- and yes it IS japan, so Hello Kitty Shisas do exist!

Before the Edo Period, the Shisas were primarily kept at temples and shrines.
During the Edo Period and continued until this day seasers can be found on the rooftops and entryways of private homes in Japan.

The legend of the Shisa began in Okinawa- where today the guardian dogs can be seen on street corners, at the airport and many Okinawans make a living by designing and sculpting unique Shisas.

They sell in amounts anywhere from 500 yen (approx $5 USD) to 5950000 yen (approx $50,000 USD).

One legend of the Seasers states that- One Seasar has his mouth open, the other shut, So good luck can come in and not leave!

Protect your home and ensure good luck and view the unique Seasars on YJ or purchase through Rinkya Stores from the exclusive ones sold only in Japan here.

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L’Arc~en~Ciel New Single Release- Seventh Heaven!

L’Arc~en~Ciel will release a new single May 30th- Seventh Heaven, coinciding with their Summer Tour- Light My Fire Again!

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L’Arc~en~Ciel is one of Japan’s most famous J-Rock/J-Pop bands and has fans around the globe.

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Via Official Band Website

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Hello Kitty Banana Sack!

Hello Kitty has adorned a multiple of items (many discussed here on our blog)– pretty much if it exists, there is a Hello Kitty version of it somewhere in Japan.

I guess we have now run out of things to place her image on, so Sanrio has created a Banana Holder. I could be wrong, perhaps a banana holder is a common household item. I just thought the peel’s job was to keep the banana fresh…

Visit the product page for pages of Hello Kitty Items, order any through Rinkya!

Product Page

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New Be@rbricks Drop- 400% Jack Sparrow!

New Be@rbricks were released today including one commemorating the return of Pirates of the Caribbean to the screen for – At The World’s End, the third installment in the Pirates trilogy.

Other Be@rbricks include: X Large- designed by David Flores, the Hawaiian inspired Leilow, Ham, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and to join in on the funky USB drives from Japan- Memory Stick Be@rbricks!!

Find on YJ:

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Visit Be@rbricks for more pics!

Blythe Momolita Ultimate Tour Dolls Now on YJ!

The long awaited release of the Momolita Blythe collaboration first posted about here has finally reached YJ!!

Dolls were sold by lottery and then by exclusive small numbers at Toys R US in Japan and online.

Pick yours up on YJ today through Rinkya!

Find Limited Edition Neo & Petite Blythe “Ultimate Tour” collaboration with Momolita