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Gackt New Single Released!

Gackt’s newest single was released last week on Feb 7th.

The new single is titled: “No ni Saku Hana no Yo Ni”
A special edition is also available, and includes a DVD with the music video of “No ni Saku Hana no Yo ni.

Gackt is wildy popular in Japan, lending his voice and appearance to videogames and anime productions: PlayStation 2 game Bujingai, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Zeta Gundam: A New Translation, New Fist of the North Star, and the Anime Texhnolyze.

Order the newest single direct from Japan through RINKYA STORES

For past releases and rare singles search on YJ: GACKT items

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Maneki Neko- Japan’s Lucky Cat!

Maneki Neko is Japanese for “beckoning cat.”
They are also known as Lucky Cats, Fortune cat,
Welcoming cat, and Money cat.

A beloved figure in Japan and adorned at places of business- Welcoming you to come in!

Lucky Cats are a very popular collector items- typically a porcelain figure, they now adorn a variety of items- cell phone straps “piggy” banks, air freshners, USB drives

and of course, Japan’s other famous cat- Hello Kitty plays the role as Maneki Neko often!

Variety of Lucky Cats on YJ


The Pillows- Lostman Go To America!

the pillows released their DVD special Feb 7th of their concert tours in USA and Mexico during 2006.
For those who cannot make it to Japan and missed their US & Mexico tour, check out the DVD to see the band perform!
Order the DVD today, direct through BuyRinkya!

the pillows, popular in Japan, gained worldwide success when their music was featured in Gainax’s anime oav release. Their mascot “Buster-kun” shows up on t-shirts, albums and Kubricks and is a much beloved figure to represent the band.

Unfortunately, these rare items are often sold only during concerts but can be found on YJ:

the pillows


The Last Unicorn Special 25th Anniversary DVD Released Today!!

We first told you about the DVD release in December when it was announced!
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Today is the day you can order the 25th anniversary special DVD!

Through a special agreement, author and screenwriter Peter S Beagle will receive at least half the proceeds when DVDs are ordered through his site Conlan Press

Peter S Beagle writer and screenwriter of the famed novel and movie did not receive monies from the movie that made millions!!
Please support him by ordering today: Conlan Press

Look For Last Unicorn cels on YJ

Ways to get Thin- Japanese Style!!

These masks are not girly versions of Hannibal Lecter, rather they are different versions of face slimming masks available only in Japan!

According to a review from a Japanese beauty shop, one user loved the item above and claims after two weeks, her skin was tightened.

Another popular sauna mask, the mask only has tiny holes for your mouth- these masks are not for the claustrophobic.

Another mask- concentrating on your chin.

The Men’s version, a bit more like Michael Myers than Hannibal Lecter!

Order any variety you want through Rinkya Stores
Available via

Also available on YJ auctions HERE

This blogger may try the chin version!!

The Wonderful World of Disney USBs!

We first blogged about the Wacky, Weird and Fun USB drives of Japan here

Disney also has its’ mark on USBs in Japan!

Pictured above are a limited set of Disney flashdrives (only 5000 will be sold) and look more like minature figures than normal USBS!
Grab Stitch on his surfboard, Winnie the Pooh or Mickey as Steamboat Willy!

Pictured here are Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh,and Nightmare Before Christmas USBS! I cannot recall who the bunny is? Does anyone know?

Pictured above here are Donald and Daisy Duck, Stitch (so cute!) and an alien from Toy Story!

Only sold in Japan, anyone who wants to pick up any of the USBs, order direct through Rinkya Stores
The limited release batch goes on sale Feb 22nd, but you can place a preorder now!

Product Page and Images

Love Disney? Check out the rare and audorable items on YJ!
Disney Items on YJ

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