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Momolita Blythe Collaboration!

**NEW** See our updated post HERE on HOW to get the dolls!!

The newest limited edition Blythe to be released is a collaboration with designer Momoko Komori (Momolita)

Info from site:
CWC Limited Edition Neo Blythe “Ultimate Tour” Price: 17,640 yen (tax included)
CWC Limited Edition Petite Blythe “Ultimate Tour” Price: 3,990 yen (tax included)
Date Available: March 2007

Purchase information is not available yet, we will update blog when we know!

Also to be released in March 2007: Neo Blythe “Tailor Gibson”

Blythe Dolls on YJ
Momolita on YJ
Licca On YJ

Blythe WebPage

1300 Dolls for Girl’s Day!

In celebration of Girl’s Day on March 3rd, the World Folk Doll Museum has displayed 1300 Hina dolls.

The display is 6 meters high, 6 meters wide and is a 30 step tiered stand.

The display will stay until April 10th.

Hina Matsuari is “Girl’s Day” in Japan and families pray for the happiness and prosperity of their girls and display beautiful Hina sets on step tiered stands.

Add to your Hina collection with YJ!

Hinamatsuri Items

Rinkya also has two indepth Rinkya Links Newsletters on Hina Dolls and the Festival:
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Prince Pickles & Peopo To the Rescue!

Prince Pickles is not the newest anime doujinshi star, he is the Defense Department’s mascot- appearing on pamphlets and letterheads.

“Prince Pickles is our image character because he’s very endearing, which is what Japan’s military stands for,” said Defense Ministry official Shotaro Yanagi. Via

In an attempt to shed the negativity associated with Japan’s military, they wish to evoke an image of cuteness- commonly used in Japan to soften the image of power.

Peopo, is the mascot for
the Tokyo Police Department,
and is a cuddly orange kangaroo looking animal with a
police hat and belt.

View his hilarious theme song here

Blue Dragon Anime Begins In April!

Blue Dragon anime based off an RPG by Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy) will be relased in April 2007. Studio Pierrot (Naruto, Bleach) produced the series and is directed by Yukihiro Matsishita.
Character designs are by DragonBall’s Akira Toriyama and the main charcater, Shu, is voiced by Keiko Nemoto (Shizune in Naruto).


Bid on These items via Rinkya:
Final Fantasy Naruto
Studio Pierrot

A Robot Butler- Japan Catches up to the Jetsons!

The University of Tokyo exhibited a new robot who helps with the housework.

The robot has the utmost manners (calling you Sir), comes to you at your call, pours tea and cleans up afterwards.

Japan already uses robots as
Beer Pourers
Wine Connoisseurs
And has an entire Musuem dedicated to Robots!

Search Japanese Robots here and bid today on your favorites:
Beer Robots
Sony Aibos


Avril Lavigne Meets Japanese Manga!

Del Rey Manga will publish its’ first English language Manga in April, starring Avril Lavigne. The first volume will be released April 10th and the second is set for July.

The manga is titled “Make 5 Wishes”. Hana, a lonely girl, makes 5 wishes that take a turn for the worst and Avril comes along to help her through the drama.

Manga has grown immensely in popularity outside Japan- Fruits Basket Manga is the top selling manga in the US and rose to the USA Today Top 150.

Manga and Doujinshi are popular items sold on Rinkya and are available here:


Official Website


Happy Valentine’s Day From Rinkya!!

In Japan, the ladies pony up the gifts for the man on Valentine’s Day.
The most common gift is chocolate and the two given are called- giri choco and honmei choco.

Giri choco is obligatory chocolate, and in a polite society such as Japan these are neccesary to give to your male co-workers and such.

Honmei choco is the chocolate you give your love. Other gifts may be purchased for Valentine’s Day, but not to the extent of US culture.

The men return the favor one month later on March 14th, White Day!