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Mega Mac Run Extended in Japan!

We announced the launch of the Mega Mac just four days ago HERE

McDonald’s predicted sales of 1.68 million burgers over the weekend, but in fact, that amount was nearly double– with 3.32 million sold!!

McDonald’s has extended the sale of the Mega Mac to meet demand, the exact date has not been confirmed yet.

McDonald’s Toys are a popular collector item in Japan and can be found here


Letters from Iwo Jima wins Golden Globe!

“Letters from Iwo Jima” won Best Foreign Language Film at the Golden Globes this past Monday night. The film has already won many accolades- and the Golden Globes win paves the way for an Oscar.

The film relates the battle of Iwo Jima during World War II from the viewpoint of the Japanese who fought it.

“Letters from Iwo Jima” is Clint Eastwood’s companion film to his successful “Flags of Our Fathers” released earlier this year.

“Flags of Our Fathers” documents the same battle, but told through the viewpoint of the Americans. The bloody, costly battle produced the iconic image of the men raising the American flag at the end of the battle.

In commeration of the movie, BuyRinkya has placed here
many Japanese war antiques for sale- including uniforms and medals.

YJ Auctions also has a variety of War Antiques:
World War I
World War II

Official Letters from Iwo Jima Page

Official Flags From Our Fathers Page

Shiny, Happy, Gold PSP!

Coming February 22nd ONLY to Japan is the newest color in the Playstation Portable System lineup- Champagne Gold.
Sony has no plans to release the color elsewhere- so add some bling and pick up one via Rinkya here!

The Gold PSP and the bundle pack version are both available for preorder on Rinkya!

It will be sold alone and also bundled with Monster Hunter 2 for a limited run (Only 22,222 bundles will be sold).
The Monster Hunter 2 bundle comes with the game, a Monster Hunter pouch, some skins, and cleaner.


Mega Mac Hits Japan!

McDonald’s begins sale of the Mega Mac today thru Feb 4th.

Advertised as “Beef heaven”, you may want to take caution as that is surely where you will end up if you eat too many of these things:

The Mega Mac has FOUR beef patties, cheese and the rest of the goodies of a normal big mac.
The Mega Mac weighs in at 754 calories and 45.9 grams of fat and sells for a mere 350 yen.

Via CalorieLab


Japan Battle of the Beers!

Kirin and Asahi have both issued press releases for their plans for 2007 and bringing beer to the world!

Kirin will release a new beer- Kirin The Gold
Described as a “a new mainstream beer that offers to the younger generation of beer drinkers the pleasure of drinking good beer”
This marks the first new beer for the company in 17 years.

Asahi plans to redesign and launch a tremendous marketing campaign for their Super Dry beer, to commermorate the beer’s 20th year anniversary.

Asahi currently leads the market in domestic beer, and Kirin’s new release will be sure to offer competition.


Want a robot to carry your beer to you?

Check out our Super Beer Walker pictured here.

Beer Walker on YJ

Asahi Collectibles on YJ
Kirin Collectibles on YJ

Be@rbrick Series 13 New Release!

Over the holidays, Be@rbrick released its Series 13 figures.
The secret figures are available direct from Japan

Secret figures include: Staple 10th Anniversary, Genevieve Guackler, NORT and Balzac Be@rbricks

Pick yours up by ordering through Rinkya Stores

Don’t wait for eBay and order them now!

Rinkya will order any item from a Japan online store and send direct to you.
Or try your luck on YJ and search for older Be@rbricks as well: Be@rbricks

Odor Eating Shirts!

The Japanese are not fans of strong scented perfumes and colognes and prefer natural smells; however, they also lack strong body odors that are offensive.

Japanese men, in fact, at one time were exempt from military service if they had a strong body odor and given medical papers to have the problem looked at. (Source)

A survey of young women in Japan, however, challenged this notion when they agreed salaryman, indeed, smell- and not good. And wish something could be done about it.

The Ginza Yamagata men’s clothing store may have solved the problem with their popular item- Men’s Shirts with built in deodorant! The shirts contain a secret ingredient that conceals and can eliminate body odor completely. Also available are underwear and vests.

The body odor fighting shirts came on the heels of the discovery of Nonenal- a smell unique to anyone over the age of 40- and described as “a greasy, grassy odor” that increases with age. *_*

Shiseido, the cosmetic giant, has a line of products that masks the smell of Nonenal and are quite popular in Japan. The line includes deodarant, shampoos and lotions.

Shiseido Products:

Shiseido Shampoo
Shiseido Cologne
Shiseido Perfume for Women


Gothic Lolita Fukubukuro On YJ!

Per request, here is a list of the popular Gothic Lolita brands of Lucky Bags currently on YJ!!
Pick up your favorite designer on YJ fast, before the lucky bags disappear! Comment if you want more links added!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Angelic Pretty



Please remember to check the size if neccesary!

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Diamond Cell Phone Strap- Only 100 Million Yen!

Japanese jewelers Diaddict have created a stunning diamond embellished cell phone strap.
The expensive phone strap can be viewed at the Nihombashi department store of Takashimaya Co.

The strap is adorned with a multitude of colors- yellow, blue, pink, white (clear), for a total of 9.09 carats!!

For more affordable cell phone straps, check out YJ for your favorites:
Cell Phone Straps

YJ has straps ranging from your favorite Anime, Fashion Designers, Beer and Food Items, and of course the Unko (Poop) Strap found in our prior post


Gothic Designer H. NAOTO and Dollfie Collaboration!

Dolls Party 16 took place in Japan over the holidays, on December 24th, much to the joy of Dollfie lovers!!
Long lines in Japan held eager fans waiting for the newest arrivals and collaborations.
Lotteries took place in the US, so that some US fans could obtain the coveted Dollfies.

The Gothic Designer H. NAOTO collaborated with Volks to create beautiful designs and clothing.

Check out Volks DollParty homepage for the after report, more pictures and more Doll releases: Volks

Find these items on YJ:
Dolls Party 16
Super Dollfies

Super Dollfie & H. NAOTO designs

Images from Volks