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Bilk Goes on Sale Tomorrow!

What is Bilk?

Bilk is the combination of milk and beer and Abashiri Japan brewery begins sales of it Feburary 1st.

Bilk is described as having a fruity flavor and a distinctive after taste. No notes on whether that aftertase is good or not.

The odd mixture hopes to attract a female market who may like a fruity beer.

The creation does beg some questions- How long does a Bilk beer last? Doesn’t milk go bad? Where does that fruity flavor come from?

Hopefully a Rinkya staff member will get their hands on one soon and let us know!

For more info on Japan and their love of beer:
Battle of the Beer Post

Via Mainichi News

Japan Opens the National Art Center!

Japan’s newest museum, opened on Jan 21st, will be its largest art museum.
The National Art Center will also be the largest museum in the world with no permanent collection.

The museum will only hold temporary exhibits ranging from beautiful foreign collections to the newest artists on the cutting edge.
So far the novel idea is working- the walls are booked for years to come with various exhibits.

The museum itself is a work of art, designed by Kisho Kurokawa – winning the 2006 Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award.

National Art Center

Pop’n Music Festival for Bemani’s 10th Anniversary!

Konami is holding a Popn’ Music festival in Harajuku on February 24th and 25th to commemorate the ten year anniversary of the first Bemani video title.

Bemani is the pioneer for music video games.
The very popular games include Beatmania, Guitar Freak, Dance Dance Revolution, Popn’ Music, Drum Mania and many more.

The video games bring interactive music and dance to our homes and have garnered fans all over the world, who import some of the rare goods direct from Japan.

Pick up some of these rare goods on YJ:

Dance Dance Revolution
Popn’ Music

Image Source YJ
Popn’ Music Festival Website

Geisha Inspired Designs at Galliano’s Show for Dior

Models were embellished with ornate fans, lanterns and made up in painted white faces and bright red lipstick to complete the Asian inspired looks of Galliano’s new line for Christian Dior.

Galliano’s line is the ultimate in Haute Couture- lavish, gilded outfits that cost thousands of dollars.

For those of us who cannot afford Haute Couture (essentially 95% of the world)- check out YJ for the original Kimonos, Geisha clothing, Fans and Lanterns.

Geisha Items
Christian Dior


Image from Rueters

Be@rbrick New Releases 2007!

The Be@rbrick new releases came out Jan 24th!!!

Some of these Be@rbricks are a very limited run and will sell out quickly!

Try to get your order in and grab one at Rinkya Stores
Use the blog post as your URL and name the one you wish to order!

See our Be@rbrick Series 13 Blog Post to view past releases!
Find Rare ones on YJ from past releases! Be@rbricks on YJ

Do you collect Be@rbricks?

Have an awesome collection you want to share?
Email me at and be featured in a future collector’s corner blog post!

Alexander Girard International Love Set (just in time for Valentine’s Day!)

X-Girl 400%

X-Girl Strap

Licca-Chan Meets Be@rbrick

Rolling Stones Be@rbrick 100% & 400%

Rize Be@rbrick (also in Pink and Gold)


Hello Kitty Wedding- Only in Japan!!

The Hankyu Hotel located in Japan offers a Hello Kitty Princess Wedding, complete with all the Hello Kitty accessories they can conjure up!

Princess shoe-

Hello Kitty Centerpiece-

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress!-

The male Kitty is Hello Kitty’s longtime companion- Dear Daniel!

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Hankyu Hotel

Hello Kitty On YJ

Miyazaki’s Next Film to Be Announced in March!

Studio Ghibli President Toshio Suzuki mentioned Miyazaki’s next film will be revealed this March at a press conference last week!!

Miyazaki is renowned for his popular anime works and beautifully produced stories. Animation cels from the movies are revered amongst collectors and the one of the kind cels can sell for $$$$. Other collector items from the various movies include anything from pens to stuffed animals to clothing.

Miyazaki’s works include Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. Spirited Away was the first anime film to win an Oscar (Best Animated Feature)

We look forward to more news about the release and will update the blog with more information as it is received.

For Miyazaki’s works on YJ:

Miyazaki ALL
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Princess Mononoke
Howl’s Moving Castle
Porco Rosso
Studio Ghibli

More Studio Ghibli Info

Via Nausicaa Net

Sound Pets Stitch- The Cutest Stich Ever!

This Stitch dances and jams to music!
Hook him up to your Ipod or MP3 player and watch him go!
He is so cute I just want to hug him!

Can also be used as just a speaker for your Ipod/MP3 Player.

Also comes in Mickey Mouse, Donald the Duck and a cute little teddy bear.
I hope to see some more Disney characters too- perhaps Pooh Bear or Nemo?

Fill out the store order form here to get one! Use our blog URL as the store link!

Also popular on YJ auctions:

Lilo & Stitch
Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck