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The Last Unicorn Special 25th Anniversary DVD!!

The Last Unicorn DVD set will be released February 6th 2007 by LionGates with additional features and new artwork for the cover.

Through a special agreement, author and screenwriter Peter S Beagle will receive at least half the proceeds when DVDs are ordered through his site Conlan Press

Peter S Beagle writer and screenwriter of the famed novel and movie did not receive monies from the movie that made millions!!
Please support him by ordering today: Conlan Press

ONLY DVDs ordered through Mr. Beagle’s site will benefit him. All copies purchased from his website will be autographed in three places DVD, DVD Cover, & the DVD slipcase.

The Last Unicorn starred Mia Farrow, Christopher Lee, Alan Arkin, Angela Lansbury, and Jeff Bridges.

The Last Unicorn was animated by Topcraft in Japan, the predecessor to the famed Studio Ghibli (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away)

The Last Unicorn animation cels are rare and revered amongst cel collectors all over the world.

Look For Last Unicorn cels on YJ

Megatron Transformer Available for Pre-Order on BuyRinkya!

Megatron is available direct from Japan for pre-order at BuyRinkya!
Order today for the rare figure released only in Japan.
Megatron comes with a small gun, energy sabre, energy mace and a small Kremzeek figure.

Michael Bay’s Transformers movie hits theaters on July 4th 2007, but a movie trailer will be released next week on December 20th!

Check the movie website for updates: Transformers Movie

Check out available Transformers Items on YJ

Wine Tasting Robot!

We first brought you the remote controlled beer robot here

Not to be outdone, Japan also has produced a wine and hor’devours tasting robot.

The robot sends out an infrared light to test the chemical composition of the wine and then details the name, variety and what foods would go well with it.

The robot is with flaws, as it determined a reporter was prosciuitto.

The makers of the robot hope to have it used at wineries in the future, as the robots can determine the information without opening up a cork or tasting the wine.

Wineries however, may disagree, as a perk of the job is to drink wine all day long to “test” flavors, I know I would be disappointed.

Via Red Orbit

Robots on YJ

The Wacky, Weird & Fun USB Drives from Japan!

The Missile Launcher- Yes, it does shoot out missles!

Mmmmm… Sushi, nope you cannot eat it!

Taking the term “thumb drive” to the letter.

Audorable little bears!

The perfect stocking stuffer- A Snowman!

Some Sake to go along with your Sushi!

The newest addition, realeased today- A Transformer Lego Type Robot!

All USB Drives are available Here
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Hello Kitty Contest Reminder!!

Reminder for Hello Kitty Contest ***Deadline is December 8th!*** TWO DAYS AWAY!

Rinkya will accept up to 3 submissions per user!!
$20 commission to the winner!!

Find the oddest Hello Kitty item on YJ and send it in here
Subject: Hello Kitty Contest

I did not want another post so soon with another Hello Kitty item, but Japan keeps coming out with more and more.
The most expensive Hello Kitty item out there- made of pure platinum and at a cost of 189000 yen- and we thought the laptop was expensive!!

She comes with 7 different hair bows- each made of different jewels- rubies, sapphires and much more!

Hello Kitty Items