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30 year old men- Pocky wants you!

Starting December 11th, Pocky is releasing three varieties of Pocky- each containing a 1/144th Gundam figure.
The Gundam flavors will be- Men’s, Extra Fine and Chocolate.
Their target audience is 30 year old males.
Pocky is a popular snack in Japan- a sweet biscuit coated with chcolate and various flavors.
The Gundam release is for a limited time only!

Gundam Wing Items


Jack Sparrow Lands in Tokyo

The Pirates of the Caribbean Café has opened in Tokyo for a limited time only to celebrate the Japanese DVD release On Dec 6th.

The café showcases original movie props and for sale are limited edition games and movie memorabilia.

Inside you sit on deck with servers dressed as pirates and sip on Cursed Sangria or a Caribbean Cocktail.

Can’t make it to Tokyo?
Pick up the rare goods and the special Japanese DVD stuffed with extras on YJ
Pirates of the Caribbean Items


Official Pirates Cafe Page

Hello Kitty’s New Profession- Your Receptionist!

People Staff, an employment agency in Japan rents out Hello Kitty Robo as your receptionist.

The robot can sense a visitor’s presence, record images, and hold conversations. Rental costs about $4500 a month.

Hello Kitty has graced guitars, laptops, tissue holders and much more!

Find the oddest Hello Kitty item on YJ and send it in here
Subject: Hello Kitty Contest
Deadline: Dec 8th!
Winner will receive a $20 commission credit on!

Hello Kitty Items

Hello Kitty Rental Site

Onitsuka Tiger National Choir

Onitsuka Tiger launched an online Karaoke Competition and Football Choir composed with staff members for their training shoe- Injector DX.

Visit their website to see the choir’s hilarious performance as they sing of their love of football and Onitsuka. Then sing YOUR heart out to win special items in the Karaoke competition.

Onitsuka Tiger created the infamous yellow sneakers Uma Thurman sports in the Kill Bill movies and is otherwise known as Asics in the US.

For these items on YJ: Onitsuka Tiger

Sing Your Heart out and experience the love of Karaoke as the Japanese do!

Onitsuka Official Website

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