by Heather Russell

Sansei Muramasa Bunny 3D solid mouse pad: so sexy!

sansei muramasa, 3d solid mouse pad, mouse pad, collectibles, rinkya, japan

Yay! Sansei Muramasa Bunny 3D solid mouse pad is here! And it is really sexy! If you want your hands to rest on a very sexy 3D solid mouse pad, this is your one-time opportunity, especillay if you love Sansei Muramasa! This Sexy Bunny mouse pad measures 260 x 210 mm, and will be available for sale till items last. It will start shipping on August 2015. (From Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa)

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by Heather Russell

Sakuragicho Station to welcome 1000 dancing Pikachus with awesome designs!

dancing pikachus, pikachu, sakuragicho station, tokyo, yokohama, rinkya, japan

Great News! This year we’ll have again 1000 dancing Pikachus! Sakuragicho Station started the celebrations with name plate decorations which are going to be visible from July 18 to August 16. They’re welcoming the Pikachu event that will be held in Yokohama. More events surrounding the 1000 dancing Pikachus will be held during this summer. (Info: here)

Let’s take a look at all the Sakuragicho Station’s Pikachu decorations! (They’re so cute!)

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by Heather Russell

Japan travel: Tokyo’s Aogashima island

aogashima, japan travel, rinkya, japan

Japan travel can be very interesting if you visit nice tiny spots. One of the small treasures that you can find is Toky’s Aogashima island. Aogashima is located at 358km south from Tokyo, and arond 68km from Hachijojima. It is the island located at the southern part of the Izu islands. You can take a ferry from Hachijojima to arrive to Aogashima. This beautiful island was created 3000 years ago, and now is a beautiful spot to visit.

Let’s discover more about it!

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