Udolla Yaki Tachikawa Iseya from Lumine Tachikawa

Udolla Yaki, Udolla, Tachikawa, yaki, rinkya, japan

Udolla Yaki Tachikawa Iseya from Lumine Tachikawa is so cute! Kotobukiya, the famous Hobby Studio, has produced a Tachikawa certified Sonoke character yaki: Udolla dorayaki. This Udolla grilled dorayaki will be available from October 29 in LUMINE Tachikawa. Japanese confectionery shop Tachikawa Iseya is in charge of delivering all the goodness.

Udolla was a monster from Tachikawa Udo, a especial character. Udolla yaki’s dough uses Ito eggs from farms located in Tachikawa and finished with the face of Udolla. And it’s super cute. Please notice all the details of Udolla. The face is too cute to ignore.

Let’s take a closer look at the wrapping!

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“Pokémon” shows Ash and Charizard through the Years and it rocks!

pokémon, rinkya, japan

“Pokémon” shows Ash and Charizard through the Years and it rocks! The official Pokémon Youtube channel has released a video where we can enjoy Ash and Charizard through the ages. Charamander (aka Charizard) was abandoned by his trainer because he was too weak. Luckily, Ash made him part of his team. To cherish this fruitful and happy team, the official Pokémon Youtube channel has given us as present several scenes from their adventures.

Let’s take a look!

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Star Wars Imperial lunch from Kotobukiya

star wars, star wars imperial lunch, star wars imperial, imperial, rinkya, japan

Have you seen this Star Wars Imperial lunch from Kotobukiya yet? The famous Japanese Hobby maker Kotobukiya is releasing a Star Wars food pick design in December. It will be matched with the release of the movie Rogue One, a Star Wars Story. According to the new designs, we’ll be able to choose between a lightsaber set or an Empire set. Both sets are amazing and a great add to your Star Wars collection.

Let’s take a look at both sets.

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Custom Blythe Dolls: Asterisk Custom Blythe Black Wings

halloween, custom blythe, blythe, neo blythe, neoblythe, rinkya, japan

Custom Blythe dolls make great collectibles. This week we have an Asterisk custom Blythe: Black Wings. This is a super sweet doll that will make a great add in your collection. The base doll is a Henrietta’s home party. She is sweet, with a lovely carved face and her clothes are amazing. Don’t miss this doll since she is a treasure!


Let’s take a look at her together!

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Hunting in Japan Volume One- Sneakers- ASICS

Sneakers- Hunting in Japan Volume One finally ran into the elephant in the middle of the sneakers room. A company so influential that the American giant Nike began with it.

You can’t really discuss sneakers in Japan without starting at the beginning. The beginning of sneakers in Japan was Kihachiro Onitsuka’s Onitsuka Tiger sneakers, now ASICS, in 1949. 1949 was a watershed year for Japanese industry. As American occupation eased pachinko producer Marushin Bussan (now NewGin) and auto parts giant Denso along with many other now substantial companies opened for business.

A Sneaker sole, inspired by a sucker in Mr. Onitsuka’s octopus salad was his first sneaker innovation in 1951. The “Octopus” sneaker became an immediate success. The Onitsuka Co. ltd merged with GTO, and Jelenk in 1972 to become ASICS. The company grew by leaps and bounds into the nineties.

The Onitsuka Tiger sneaker sole

The Original Tiger with “Octopus” Sole

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Bento Friday: Kawaii Halloween Bento Box Ideas

halloween, kawaii bento box, kawaii bento box ideas, bento box, bento box ideas, bento, bentos, rinkya, japan

Our bento Friday comes with kawaii Halloween bento box ideas from Bento Days. Here you have a list with some ideas that you’ll love to try out during Halloween. We start with a simple Halloween Frankenstein and Skeleton. Think about on how cute these will be if you create them for a Halloween party, or as a special meal for your loved ones.

Let’s take a look at the rest of ideas!

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Hunting in Japan Volume One- Sneakers- Buddy

Sneakers- Hunting in Japan Volume One discovered a fledgling member of the Japanese sneaker world. It is always good to find something new.

With a 2012 debut, Buddy is Japan’s new kid on the block in sneakers. Buddy’s line of sneakers features high quality suede in some neat colors, hand crafted and, in essence, signed by their artisan with an individual leather tag.

Buddy sneakers are fairly reasonably priced and really don’t offer specialities, you can play basketball, jog, walk or just relax in them. They don’t offer much in the jell filled, pump-up, velcro fastened world of the performance based athletic shoe, nor do they fit in the high end footwear category. Just wearable, comfortable and colorful enough to be fashionable sneakers.

Buddy sneakers tag

Buddy’s signature tag for its sneakers

The designs are simple, basic sneaker designs with no Velcro, or high tech innovations, just basic sneakers to, as the company says “Make feet happy.”

While they are fairly basic sneakers they come in a wide variety of colors and work well with numerous fashions.Buddy also makes backpacks and handbags to compliment it’s sneakers.

Sneakers by Buddy

A Line of Buddy Sneakers

As a new brand, Buddy is a brand for sneaker collectors to watch. It could just turn out to be the next big thing. Two other sneaker brands we’ve looked at, Hender Scheme and visvim were once in this place.

And even if Buddy fails to make the cut, it’s usually not a loss for the collector. Well-made products, especially ones with a good gimmick such as the individualized tag, signing each sneaker, are pretty cool if they are not being made anymore. In other words, they acquire the exclusivity of a thousand dollar pair of sneakers without the high-ticket buy in. If you collect sneakers, Buddy is a pretty good deal right now, so have a look.

Let’s Take a First Look at Nintendo Switch

Let’s take a first look at Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s new home gaming system. After months in the dark with tons of speculation about what Nintendo would do, we’re now able to see this wonderful preview. This new home console hybrid is amazing: it’s like a PlayStation Vita, but it also is like a tablet! You can play with Nintendo Switch at home, but you can use it as a mobile console wherever you are. The console seems to include a tablet with docks for experiencing it as a traditional console and a new ultimate experience.

Since it has detachable controller modules, the console can be used by two people when outside home (or more if other people have another Nintendo Switch). The tablet also supports cartridges, so it seems that it will have a DS games feelings as well. But, we’ll need more information from Nintendo in the future. Will all games come in cartridges? Or, downloading will also be an option?

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Custom Blythe Dolls: Milk Tea Custom Blythe

custom blythe, blythe, neo blythe, neoblythe, rinkya, japan

Custom Blythe dolls make great collectibles. One of the best custom Blythe dolls out there that you can put your hands on are Milk Tea custom Blythe dolls. Today we have one second hand, and it’s adorable. This sweet custom Blythe doll is a great idea for a Christmas present. Milk Tea dolls are treasures. Be sure you get one Milk Tea doll for your collection!


Let’s take a fast look at it!

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Detective Conan Curry from Village Vanguard

detective conan, village vanguard, rinkya, japan, japan food

Detective Conan Curry from Village Vanguard is awesome! You can find this delicacy in Village Vanguard, a store with tons of amazing geeky stuff. Detective Conan Curry comes in two types: black criminal curry and brilliant white curry. Each of them cost 648 including tax, and are set to be sold from October onwards.

The black criminal curry has black pork curry. The pack has 200 grams, enough for one serving.

Detective Conan is one of the most famous manga (and anime) existing out there. Having the opportunity to enjoy Detective Conan’s curry is a total delight. If you have the opportunity to get your hands on it, do it! (Also, let us know if you are interested in getting yours.)

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

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